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Links to Star Trek: DS9-related things

Random Musings: Star Trek DS9 Reviews

This one goes up to season 4 so far, which is when it started to get really good. Though there are a lot of episodes from the first 3 seasons that get rave reviews e.g. ‘Duet’

DS9 is hard to love, but worth it.

This was recommended by whoever’s in control of Odo’s twitter. An article where the author also thinks TNG is sterile and dull. I guess he didn’t make it past season 1.

AV Club reviews season 5

…or the last two episodes of season 5. Don’t know why I put this up…I guess they may have reviewed others, you’ll have to have a poke around on their site. rewatch of all episodes

For some reason I will give you the link to the one where Odo gets stuck in a lift with Laxwana Troi.

Skip it/watch it – Season 2

Very brief reasons for and against all season 2 episodes, with some of them bizarre [‘Whisper’s, one of the best episodes of DS9 is classified as ‘skip it’ because wikipedia gives away the twist ending.]

10 things you probably didn’t know about DS9

Well, I didn’t know Bashir could’ve been playing Sisko instead. Or that Nana Visitor came from porn…

In the Pale Moonlight is good

This piece is quite short, and does what most other people do after watching ‘In the Pale Moonlight’.


My own thoughts on Deep Space Nine:

1. Was the wooden admiral in the last few seasons intimidated by Sisko?

2. Does Avery Brooks give the strangest line readings on purpose?

3. Was ‘In the Pale Moonlight’ a more important episode for black actors than ‘Far beyond the stars’?

4. Can no-one beat Worf in a fight?

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