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Random Musings: Enterprise Reviews

For some reason, this guy’s only reviewed two seasons of Voyager yet has done all four seasons of Enterprise. Strange.

Why Enterprise failed…

A piece doing the usual Enterprise is shit thing, but also saying how it nearly worked out okay.

Enterprise Season 5 on Netflix?

If you really want it to become a reality then click on the link [make sure you tell them to disintegrate the Mayweather characters at the same time]. If Netflix fails, how about kickstarter? Worked for Veronica Mars…

Scott Bakula on the possibility of more Enterprise

An interview with Bakula in the LA Times from April, 2013. He doesn’t comment on the possibility of Mayweather dying in the first episode of Season 5…

5 Worst episodes of Enterprise

I agree with all of these except ‘Rogue Planet’ which was only ‘quite bad’… takes apart the Enterprise finale

Can’t argue with this, really. Twas shit.


My own thoughts on Enterprise:

1. I never actually watched this one. Sorry. [EDIT: I have now watched all of it]

2. Why did Scott Bakula never get a decent movie career?

3. The first season is mostly pretty good. I’m not sure I see this series the same way as other people. I loved the concept of it, the way every planet was so exciting…this is what space travel will be like for us in 100 years or so. Not me obviously, I’ll be dead…unless I can get a robot body…

4. A lot of the supporting cast get something to do. Hoshi was a better-realised character in the first season [later, she seemed to be forgotten] than Troi in TNG for example.

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