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Links to Star Trek TNG-related things

Random Musings: Star Trek TNG reviews

Yup, this one again. He’s up to the start of Season six with the TNG reviews. The Season one reviews are quite funny, and the reviews in general are very perceptive and well thought out:

Season 2 look-back

Den of Geek goes through Season 2 of TNG, bracing itself for the nadir of ‘Shades of Gray’. Best to start with a look at a decent episode, ‘The Measure of a Man’

Riker discusses Season 3 and Best of Both worlds

Quite interesting to see how the cast started directing episodes – they had to go to boot camp. Kind of.

TNG Fashion blog

Don’t know much about fashion, but this is quite funny.

Tor analyses ‘Insurrection’

It’s Tor, it’s Insurrection.

10 Things you didn’t know about TNG

Patrick Stewart tried to break his contract after season 1 episode ‘Justice’?!


My own thoughts on The Next Generation:

1. Will there be a season 8? [apart from the twitter account]

2. Who won the most poker games? Riker?

3. Does Picard ever follow one of Worf’s suggestions?

4. What is Guinan? Why is Q scared of her?


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