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Links to Star Trek TOS-related things

Random Musings: Star Trek TOS Reviews:

This guy does them for all the Treks, and they’re all good. A lot of ten out of ten reviews for Season One:

Daily Klingon word [twitter]

No idea how to pronounce these, but if you’re looking to learn klingon without linking any words together then this is for you. Today’s word is ‘chun’, which means…

Worst to best of Star Trek: the original series

Just like the line above says, it’s the worst to best of all 79 episodes of all three seasons of all…of the original series. You’ll probably disagree with a lot of the choices, and spot a few typos in the intro paragraph, but…yup, you’ll still read the damn thing.

Top ten screw ups from the 1st season

From [redacted] to [redacted] to Spock hitting the wrong nerve with his nerve pinch, they’re all here. Well, ten of them.

Ten things you didn’t know about TOS

It’s been almost 50 years, you probably do know by now.


Thoughts about the Original Series:

1. Why was Spock so unvulcan in the ‘The Cage’?

2. Was Bones racist?

3. Was Bones even a doctor? Never has a person claimed it so often…could be hiding something. Maybe he really was an escalator.


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