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Links to Voyager-related things:

Random Musings: Star Trek Voyager Reviews

The guy who writes them is deathly slow, and there are only reviews for the first 2 seasons of Voyager, but they’re very good. Here’s the link for Season One:

Voyager promotes feminism!

An article saying how feminist Voyager was; not down to Janeway, but because Chakotay was a weakling. Ha, not really. I think it’s all about Janeway, and probably Seven of 9 too.

Why do Star Trek fans hate Voyager?

Den of Geek asks the question that I’ve never heard anyone ask. How about: why do Star Trek fans think Voyager is watchable but not spectacular? Or why do Star Trek fans want to stab Neelix?

The Court Martial of Captain Kathryn Janeway

Too far? Trek Today judges Janeway for her actions/crimes. Exhibit no.1 is probably the episode in the first season where she tells Tom Paris not to warn people their planet is about to explode because it would intefere with their cultural development.

Delta Blues [Reviews, some fiction]

Haven’t read many of these, but he’s got most of the series episodes [which puts him way ahead of the link above]

Kelthinov Reviews

He’s got all the seasons, although some reviews are a little short.


My own thoughts on Voyager:

1. How did the actor playing Harry Kim get through the auditions? Was he really the best they saw?

2. Neelix and Kes? Dating?? The heart is a bizarre hunter.

3. The Kazon don’t even have three ships they can group together and attack Voyager? [I’m only on season 2 at the moment, so they might do this in a later episode. Or if they read this perhaps?]

4. Is it easy or difficult to play a vulcan? I can’t decide. On one hand, for most of your line readings, you just need to look stern. On the other hand, an ambitious actor might try and show the faint traces of emotion that slip out sometimes. Like when Tuvok talks about his children, or tells Chakotay he thought he shouldn’t have been made first officer. Vulcans talk about their lack of feeling, but that doesn’t mean they’re not lying a little.

5. Robert Beltran – fat or not?

6. The Voth are added to the ranks of advanced Star Trek races with a superiority complex. You’d think one of these races would have some humility.

7. Janeway is really annoying in ‘Year of Hell’, especially Part 2. I suppose she was going through a Year of Hell, but there’s still no excuse.

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