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57% Trek, 47% other sci-fi.

More adult than other Trek sites, so if you’re a prude/puritan/5 years old, avoid.

Contributors: We’re looking for other writers who like Trek or sci-fi in general to join the site. You can write fiction or essays or anything really, as long as it’s kinda odd and kinda funny. We can’t afford to pay you anything for this one, sadly.

We also accept original, non-Trek stuff, or pieces about other shows [as long as they’re sci-fi/fantasy].

I say ‘we’, but I pretty much mean ‘me’ [Oli].




Oli Johns 

Writer/creator of

Stories published at Metazen, Sporkpress, Bizarro Central, Martian Lit, The Newer York etc

For this site, I just want to write weird stuff about Star Trek.

If there’s a new series of Trek, I want to be involved. It’s a long shot, and I may have trouble writing some of the melodrama of usual Trek shows, but it’s better than giving Robert Orci the job.

Sookie Starchild

Sookie (who writes mystery fiction under her boring real name of K.J. Newman) has been a Star Trek fan since birth. She currently works as a copy writer and lives in Canada.

Two Takes Frakes

Gentleman, Scholar and Altstartrek Author based in Philadelphia, PA. [I don’t want this parade of Human Debris knowing anything else about me]

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