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Space Seed + A Kirk Moment // 2 Takes Frakes

August 24, 2014


Two short poems about Star Trek, juxtaposed with no thought or intent whatsoever, honest.


(FROM: David Marcus TO: Unknown Dad)

I wish I knew who you were.
When you impregnated Mom,
Did you even love her?
Am I just a mistake?
Like a clerical error?
Did your condom break?
I know …
I didn’t come from a beaker
Or an unclean toilet seat
Mom thought me a keeper.
Not you …
One look, and you had to flee
Got in your car, sped out of town
doing a hundred and fifty.
Unfair …
Other kids know their dads.
I didn’t even get cards
for the birthdays I’ve had.
Science …
Made me a Momma’s Boy.
Another crazy torpedo
that she wants to deploy.
The Cards:
Mom and me play Bridge
other boys go on dates
But I’m mommy’s appendage.
Pretend I’m John Connor
And Schwarzenegger’s you.
The End:
Before you go in the lava pit
Now, Dad – you know why I cry
Mom finds the remote and grabs it …


“A Kirk Moment”

… I get on top …
and get it over with quick.
Jump in the Sonic Shower,
then scrub down my dick.

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