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Trek movies [Spoilers]

May 7, 2013

I’m not done with this.
The new film is out and it seems J J Abrams truly has no original ideas at all.
John Harrison is actually Khan and Gary Mitchell combined. And he’s being controlled by the Gorn who are acting under orders from Garret Wang who is disguised as Chakotay in a bad mood.

Couldn’t Abrams come up with a villain of his own?

The new film is flash and derivative and flash and if they make a TV series from this alternate timeline it’ll be the biggest mistake Paramount will ever make.
Trek is not Star Wars.
But that’s what we’ll have if it keeps going this way.
Potential TV series: A new cast [because the movie cast won’t want to do TV…except John Chu and Zoe Saldana maybe…yeah, Zoe Saldana…she’s about to fade big time, she’ll be clawing at studio ankles to let her do TV Trek] travels around having lower budget space battles and avoiding moral complexity.
It’ll also avoid intelligent plot ideas because they’re slow and boring.
This will not be Trek.
It may bring new fans to the show, but like I said before, these fans will not be committed to the show. Why would they be? Star Wars does this whole thing better and has a bigger budget and has about a dozen new movies coming in the next ten years.

What does Paramount really want Trek to be?

It’s simple, really. Mainstream sci fi like Star Wars is not sci-fi at all, it’s sci-fantasy. True sci-fi never has a huge audience because it’s usually slow and intelligent and complex. Just like Trek used to be [mostly…there were some fuck awful episodes in all series, can’t be denied].
What you have with Trek of old is a fanbase of intelligent people who have been fans for decades and will continue to be fans. We’re talking about scientists, NASA engineers, Tom Hanks, Olivia Wilde etc. It’s a big group, not super huge, but big enough to keep making TV series and movies on a modest budget.
The problems with the last few TNG movies were:

i] Bad or average directors [Stuart Baird??]
ii] Bad or average writers [John Logan??]
iii] Confused tone – somewhere between Star Wars and Trek, nailing neither.
iv] Bad plots

What Paramount needs to do is:

i] Make a new TV series continuing on from the original timeline. There’s so much more to explore and so much history established. A TV series based in an alternate timeline would ultimately be pointless because the movies they’re based on are so shallow.
They could make it deeper/broader…
They could, but if they follow the style of the movies it won’t have the depth of the original timeline universe. They won’t bother exploring alien cultures, they’ll just have the Klingons fighting, the Cardassians scheming, the Vulcans pouting.
And Starfleet…in the new movies, Kirk became Captain in 1-2 days. You can’t base a TV series, or an institution like Starfleet, on this kind of stupidity.
J J Abrams is a manchild. He recycles ideas from better movies because that’s what Hollywood writers do now. They don’t have much real-life experience, they just know what they know from movies.
It’s entertaining at the time, and is fine for summer blockbusters [kind of…intelligent and spectacular is better], but ultimately it’s empty.

ii] Hire young-ish writers/directors who have fresh ideas.

The original series hired sci-fi writers like Harlan Ellison, but now the movies hire hacks like Robert Orci and that other guy who’s always hanging around with him. Where did these guys come from? Who are they? What do they actually know about Trek or science fiction?
For the director, what about Duncan Jones? What about Shane Carruth? What about William Eubank? What about the guy who did ‘Batteries not included’? They’re all original and have their own ideas…
DS9 had decent writers and didn’t do very well.
Maybe not, but it did well on DVD. Intelligent writing, complex characters, decent plots…these things find an audience eventually.

iii] Don’t try and be so damn big and spectacular

This is the problem with Hollywood and it chafes with what Trek should and used to be. We don’t need huge Space battles, they’re boring…we need an intelligent plot that pushes the characters. We need sharp writing that is actually funny and not just flash.
All a Trek movie, and a new TV series, needs is a decent script and maybe lots of darkness to cover the shit CGI.
No, it doesn’t need lots of CGI. Trek fans don’t love the series because of this. They don’t love ‘Wrath of Khan’ because of the explosions, they love it because it’s tense and smart. Remember the scene where Kirk is on the planet with the others, and they’re just talking? That’s a good scene. They don’t need to be attacked every five seconds to keep our interest.
Remember the cat and mouse chase in the nebula? This is tense and exciting…blowing everything up on screen is not.
Really, this is not a new criticism.
It’s been said many times before, but no-one in the studios is listening. If it’s something like Star Wars then okay, blow everything up, kids love it…
But don’t do it with Trek.
This is a series that should be treated with some respect. The same way they treat their ‘oscar’ movies that don’t make much money but will be around long after shit like Transformers has been forgotten.
This is their legacy.
Something they can point to and say, yeah, that’s actually a really good thing we made there.
Or a really good thing they produced. Or financed. Obviously these studio people aren’t creative enough to actually make something themselves.
So, don’t fuck with Trek.
Don’t make a TV series based on the flashy shit Abrams is flinging at us. It’s watchable, it’s entertaining, but so was Pirates of the Caribbean.
Make one that’s intelligent with writers and directors who have something fresh to bring.
You’d be surprised at how many new fans this might bring with it.
Make one in the original timeline.

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  1. Shakaar permalink
    September 4, 2013 2:02 pm

    Interesting reading. But I have one question. Do you think, that ST movie idea could be good for Trek movie on big screen? I don´t think so. Besides that Abrams really mess trek movie, I think that people actualy talk about Star trek again, and that is something which is important for future of trek movie, series (or Star trek generaly). Before trek movie from 2009, trek was dead. As you say, they mess last trek series and movies with bad writing. Now is chance to reset a TV series with new blood (no more Braga, Rick Berman or Michael Piller). I just think, that new movies have some positive thinks, which we know maybe in future. So new Trek is sucks, but its better than nothing.

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