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Trek Trek Trek Trek Trek Trek Trek…

June 27, 2012


This is the first post and will be short and not very good because I just need to get something on the site so it’s not empty. I might add some pics above this writing to make this post more exciting and the site in general more colourful.

I like Star Trek.

I’ve written some fan-fiction about it and I’m gonna put it on here. I tried putting it on a fan fiction site, but it just got lost among all the Riker-Troi melodramas.

Some of my fan-fiction deals with adult themes. Not sure what rating to give, but will try to warn you if a story or piece has squalid sex or unsettling violence in it.

Also, if I find any good fan-fic by anyone else out there, I’ll put it up here. If it is up here, it will not be terrible. That is my guarantee.

I write other books as well. Books I want to sell so I can make enough cash to make zines.

Zines are what I live for.

What else?

The pages at the top – KirkTrek, PicardTrek etc. – signify each series. On those pages are random thoughts. If you want to add some of your own, just write them in the comments section. It’d be good if we could analyse parts of Trek that are sometimes skipped over. Actually, this would probably be better in a forum, but I don’t have the Q-like powers to make one of those. [Even in the episodes, Q never made a forum. Maybe he couldn’t?]

This post is longer than I thought…

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  1. Jason permalink
    January 6, 2013 9:25 pm

    you’re a dick. Chakotay rules!

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