Trek vs Languages // did you know Worf speaks Russian?

# This is a drum I’ve been beating for some time, but it’s a pretty huge flaw in Trek, at least to me. What languages are being spoken? Why don’t we hear more of them? How can they read or write English if they speak different languages? Does Kira translate everything on the monitors from … Continue reading

STAR TREK and its wonderful, recurring memory loss // Two Takes Frakes

# Of course, STAR TREK II: The Wrath of Khan first introduced The Genesis Device. It is an impactor that magically turns a dead world into a “living” planet. The bad guy, Khan, gets a hold of the damn thing, uses it in an attempt to destroy the ENTERPRISE and blows himself to kingdom come. … Continue reading

Interview: Tankbread // Paul Mannering

   # Book: Tankbread Author: Paul Mannering Publisher: Permuted Press Tagline: When there’s no more room in Summer Bay…the dead will rise! # Note: I was lucky enough to catch up to Paul on set in Bulgaria, where he was the second ‘zombie’ supervisor on ‘Cargo Loading District of the Dead 2: Deadlier Cargo’. The … Continue reading


Space Seed + A Kirk Moment // 2 Takes Frakes

# Two short poems about Star Trek, juxtaposed with no thought or intent whatsoever, honest. # “SPACE SEED” (FROM: David Marcus TO: Unknown Dad) Father, I wish I knew who you were. When you impregnated Mom, Did you even love her? Questions: Am I just a mistake? Like a clerical error? Did your condom break? … Continue reading

Star Trek Tech #1: The Transporter

# What is it? The Transporter What does it do? Transports, beams, breaks down a lot How does it work? Far as I can tell, the Transporter takes all your molecules/atoms, puts them into a holding pattern, chooses a new place to put you…either the nearest planet or starship…or Q’onos if you find yourself in … Continue reading

The Limits of The EMH & Data Reveal The Writers are Only Human

# Another one by Two Takes Frakes, this time breaking his trend of writing about sex [except for the part about Data, Spot and Ensign Kellogg] # The problem I have with Living Holodeck Characters, from a viewer perspective - and writer’s perspective, frankly – is that there’s really no point to them. Until the EMH got … Continue reading

Big Ass Shark: an interview with Briar Lee Mitchell [SPOILERS]

# Book: Big Ass Shark Author: Briar Lee Mitchell Publisher: Permuted Press Plot: There’s a shark. It’s big. Details: This isn’t a review, but I have mixed my thoughts on the book into the questions, and Briar was kind enough to answer them without getting pissed off. In short: the book is good. # Oli: … Continue reading

Best of Trek: Star Trek VI // The Undiscovered Country

# Plot: The Klingons have over-mined their moon, Praxis, making half of it blow up and endanger their home planet somehow. According to the UN, they have 50 years before it becomes uninhabitable [judging by how smoggy it looks in TNG episodes, I'd say Klingons can tolerate quite a bit]. Spock volunteers Kirk to escort … Continue reading

Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One

# Be warned, this is not really an analysis of the character, more a look at why she was wearing that skin-tight uniform and why it was such a problem with some people. Written by 2 Takes Frakes SOME BACKGROUND ON 7 OF 9, FIRST: ————————————————————– Jeri Ryan has aged pretty well, but in The … Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season 4 Review [Spoilers]

# There are about fifty thousand characters in this show at present, but there were four who dominated this season: Oberyn The Hound Arya Tyrion [Special mentions to Davos, Tywin, Jamie, Brienne and Littlefinger, but they did pretty much what was expected] First up, the imp. It was obvious Tyrion would be strong, he always … Continue reading


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