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Liberal Fans Want STAR TREK Out of the Closet

April 7, 2014


“Slash,” such as a Kirk/Spock romance in Fan Fiction, has been around
as long as STAR TREK has. And, I guess, that’s cool. Some of it even
borders on being actually funny. And while all of this is going on,
there is also a very vocal group of STAR TREK fans, perhaps emboldened
by the “slash” that’s so prevelent, continues to harp on – and
complain about – the supposed lack of homosexual characters,
in this franchise. The fact that STAR TREK – right out of the gate -
chose to hire homosexual actors is not enough for them (George Takei
and Merritt Butrick, as examples). The fact that there have been a
number of lesbian, onscreen kisses, one or two being in the “Mirror
Universe” (alternate dimension), is not enough for them. What do they
want to see? Hairy-legged women and limp-wristed, effeminate men?
All for the appearance of being – supposedly – “Progressive”? Yes,
there are gays in the military. There probably always have been. And
thanks to President Obama, the United States military now has Gay
Pride Parades, on base. with special Gay Marches, to celebrate the
road least travelled. Read more…

Lon Suder the heroic sociopath

March 20, 2014


Who? The sociopathic lieutenant who graced 3 episodes of Voyager in Seasons 2 and 3.

Played by? Brad Dourif i.e. Chucky the killer doll from ‘Childsplay’

What did he do? Killed an engineer who looked at him funny. Lurked. Meditated. Killed off-screen Kazon in engineering [might not have been Kazon, could've been set-designers]

Punishment? Kicking back in deluxe single, ensuite quarters for the rest of season 2. More scenes with Tuvok.

What happened to him in the end? Shot in the back by Kazon after re-embracing his violent core and saving the ship.

Did he get a memorial? I doubt it. That would’ve been far too interesting for Voyager.


Possibly the only sociopath Trek ever attempted.

I suppose you could say ‘Dukat’ in DS9, but he was too passionate to be a sociopath. Or maybe Weyoun is a contender…he did have a creepy aloofness about murdering those 2 million Cardies in Lakarian City.

But he was a bad guy…Suder wasn’t. He was just a guy. A guy that we saw for the first time when it was plot-relevant for him to murder someone.

This is one of the things that bugs me about Voyager. It’s a ship of 150-odd people, lost in the Delta Quadrant, no star-bases to exchange crew members…so why are the only recurring crew members we see Hogan [who gets eaten by a dinosaur], Ayala [the really tall security guy who gets one line in seven seasons], Ensign Vorek [possibly the least interesting Vulcan in Trek] and the first Chief engineer who disappears for six seasons before returning in season 7 to be executed by a group of fundamentalists living in a cave? Read more…

The unbearable lightness of Carol Marcus

March 13, 2014


Audrey Hepburn, a really cute actress from the 1950′s, had this to say
on beauty:
“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure
that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman
is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the
place where love resides.”

Oh, Audrey, I know what you mean! I’ve always enjoyed seeing myself
reflected in my woman’s eyes, for this very reason. It makes me feel
… as if I am peering into that doorway to her heart, and finding
that it’s me she’s thinking of. I really like blue eyes, too. But I’m
not really attracted to blondes all that much, though – and I wonder
why. I suspect it’s the contrast of gold on white that’s the deal
Not so, with Alice Eve!

I love everything about this woman. I even love her sexy little
accent, even though it’s completely inappropriate for the role of Dr.
Carol Marcus on STAR TREK: “Into Darkness.” As everyone knows, A
middle-aged Bibi Besch – who looks nothing, at all, like Alice Eve -
had originally essayed the character in STAR TREK: “The Wrath of Khan”
and her performance was memorable. As were the varied and lame excuses
as to why Alice Eve dropped her drawers so needlessly during her turn
as Carol Marcus. And despite the many heart-felt apologies for it, it
was apparently heavily discussed beforehand, and It featured heavily
in all of the commercials, too. Read more…

Radio Free Albemuth [thoughts + spoilers]

March 4, 2014


Apparently this is one of the lesser books by Phil K Dick, probably because it’s semi-autobiographical…which means he can’t go into space or insert too much of the weird shit he usually does because we know reality isn’t really like that…or a reality without drugs anyway.

Reality = no ubik, no Palmer Eldritch, no androids

What he can do, though, is give the characters more believability and grounding than in something like ‘Ubik’. Not that Ubik didn’t have good characters…it did, but Joe Chip had a normal life for about five pages, until the plot kicked in and then his character was formed around that…’Radio Free’ has characters who live a normal life for the entire length of the plot, only sometimes being forced into extreme situations e.g. Nicholas gets arrested and shot in the head. [Spoiler]

Dick puts himself in the story

The secondary or main character of this [depending on reader POV] is a writer called Philip K Dick. He doesn’t try to hide that it’s himself…there’s nothing that’s slightly off, no detail that doesn’t fit…this is Philip K Dick and the only thing I think he’s made up is his best friend, Nicholas. Read more…

Fiction: Burke/Surke

February 19, 2014


The alien drooled, gnashed its teeth, gnashed its second set of teeth, hissed, raised its arms and said [in its own language] ‘Mum-raaaa!’
Burke reeled backwards, petrified…well, his face went back a few inches, but his body stayed pretty much the same.
This is it, he thought.
I don’t want it to be it, he counter-thought quickly. I’m too slick to die. I’m too smart, too good at manipulating things, too…
The alien lunged, ignoring Burke’s personal narrative.
A noise from the ceiling. Some shitty workmanship. A piece of metal beam, military grey, fell onto the alien’s head and killed it instantly.
Burke froze.
Burke waited.
Burke touched the alien’s head with his foot.
Burke stepped over the corpse and ran out another door.
Minutes later he was on the spaceship.
Bishop didn’t seem to notice as he walked on, so he kept quiet and waited in the communal area, making defences he could use to explain himself to the others. Read more…

Best of Enterprise: Observer Effect

February 11, 2014


Plot: Two Organians possess Malcolm and Mayweather, instantly imbuing the latter with double the personality of the regular Mayweather. The reason: the Enterprise is orbiting a planet with a silicon virus that could kill everyone on board and they’re gonna be observers and observe the shit going down [and possibly have an effect]. Meanwhile, Trip and Hoshi contract the virus and start sweating a little. Archer sticks them in quarantine and tells Phlox to make a cure. Phlox argues that it’s the evolutionary will of the universe for Trip and Hoshi to die from this virus and what right do they have to interfere. Actually, he doesn’t, because this isn’t ‘Dear Doctor’ and there’s no time for hypocrisy.

Subplot: The subplot is non-existent. There’s some fleshing out of Hoshi’s background, but it’s not that interesting. In fact, it’s basically bullshit. She’s a linguistic genius because she can see patterns easily. Apparently, pronunciation, accents and remembering vocab comes in the same package.

What’s so good about it?

It ain’t perfect, but at least it’s got nothing to do with the temporal war or Vulcans or Archer’s dog.

I should probably say more…I haven’t written anything about Enterprise since I started this site, people might start to think I don’t like it.

Actually, I don’t mind it. To me, it’s better in a lot of ways than Voyager, but suffers from the complete opposite problem to that series: the concept is tedious. Read more…

The De-territorialisation of Nick Nolte [is this bizarro or sci-fi?]

February 4, 2014


      Nick Nolte the wildman drunk woke up after a long night of reading, drinking and smoking and [with light storming in] realised he was no longer Nick Nolte.


As he brushed his teeth in the bathroom he further realised he hadn’t been Nick Nolte for a long time.

‘Shit, padre…’

He showered, put his contacts in and tried to figure out some kind of time scale.

Twenty years?


That cop film…the Eddie Murphy thing…was that it?

He walked into his second living room, in the beach pad bought by Nick Nolte the mad scientist in that green monster film, and thought about what he should do next.

A few seconds later he went sideways and thought about why he’d come to think of this in the first place.

There were all those books he’d been reading. The ones Walter said would give him trouble.

But, shit…just fiction and philosophy, he thought.

Cela and the Life of Pascal Dirty. Camus and the third man. Celine and the long journey through the night. Malaparte and…what was it…Virus? Disease? Sartre and the nausea. Takahashi and the Sayonara Gangsters. Hesse and those two guys…Nazi and Goldman. Read more…


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